Fun Projects

This page shares most of the projects that I do for fun. These projects are mostly Embedded systems hardware, firmware, 3D printing, IoT, and machine learning-based. Most of the codes and designs of my projects can be found in my GitHub.

Smart Doorlock

The doorlock PCB is designed using KiCAD. It has a motor controller to drive the motor to open or close the lock. A WiFi module is used to communicate, process, and send the commands to the motor and check the status of the door. Two LEDs show the current status of the door. The android app is developed using MIT App Inventor.

All the designs for the hardware can be found here. Firmware here. Solidwork designs here. Android app here. Here is the demo of the Smart doorlock:

Smart Doorlock opens and closes using the android app. Say goodbye to your door keys.

If you are looking to buy a smart lock without building your own. Here is a link

Smart Light

This fun project is for a lazy person like me who wants to save some money by turning off their lights when you don’t need it. I have designed this smart light converter which turns a traditional light into a smart light. You can control from your android app without waking up from your bed. All the components are made opensource. The board is designed in KiCAD which can be found here. Firmware can be found here. Android app can be found here. Solidworks design can be found here.

If you are lazy to get up from your bed to turn on/off your light then this is the right project for you

If you are looking to buy smart lights without building your own. Here is a Link

Smart Plug

Since everything is currently smart and can be operated from my phone, why not designing a smart plug that can also be controlled using the android app. All the PCB, solidworks design, firmware, and App is custom designed. The components of the system are open source and can be found in my GitHub here

Smartplug: This plug can power almost anything and can be controlled using the Android app shown here

If you are looking to buy smart plug without building your own. Here is the link