Smart Home DIY Projects: Unlocking Doors, Transforming Lights, and Powering Control

Welcome to my project showcase! Here, I share a collection of my passion projects that revolve around embedded systems hardware, firmware development, 3D printing, IoT, and machine learning. You can explore the codes and designs for these projects on my GitHub repository. Join me in discovering the intersection of technology and creativity!

Introducing the Smart Doorlock Project

Our smart doorlock PCB, designed using KiCAD, features a motor controller for seamless lock operation. A WiFi module enables remote communication to process commands and monitor door status, with two LEDs indicating current door status. The Android app, developed using MIT App Inventor, provides intuitive control.

Explore the hardware, firmware, and SolidWorks designs for this project:

Watch the demo of our smart doorlock in action:

Smart Doorlock opens and closes using the android app. Say goodbye to your door keys.

Transforming Your Home Lighting: DIY Smart Light Converter

Turn your ordinary lights into smart lights with our innovative project designed for the effortlessly lazy (and budget-conscious)! This smart light converter allows you to control your lights from the comfort of your bed using a convenient Android app.

Key Features:

  • Convert traditional lights into smart lights
  • Control lights remotely via Android app
  • Open-source components for customization and affordability

Project Resources:

Experience the convenience of smart home technology without breaking the bank. Embrace laziness with our DIY solution!

If you are lazy to get up from your bed to turn on/off your light then this is the right project for you

Introducing the Ultimate Smart Plug: Control at Your Fingertips

Joining our lineup of smart home solutions is our custom-designed smart plug, putting control right in the palm of your hand with our Android app. This project allows you to transform any standard plug into a smart, app-controlled device.

Key Features:

  • Turn any standard plug into a smart plug
  • Control your devices remotely using the Android app
  • Open-source components for customization and accessibility
Smartplug: This plug can power almost anything and can be controlled using the Android app shown here