Free PCB Design Tools & Fabrication links:

  • Digi-key provides two free PCB design tools. They are pretty cool. Here is the link
  • KiCAD is a great open source tool to design PCBs also. Here is the link
  • Natasha Baker has started a company (SnapEDA) which provides free footprints for PCB design. I find it very useful. Here is the link
  • OshPark is an awesome company to fabricate small, low cost, high quality PCBs. Their resolution is pretty good specially for 4 layer boards at this price: Here is the link
  • If you want to assemble multiple PCBs then you need stencils. Oshstencils is the ultimate solution for hobbyist. Here is the link

Machine Learning Tools and Videos:

Single Board Computers:

I am a real fan of SBCs. I personally has used couple of boards for signal processing and other purposes. Here are couple of awesome SBC links: